Mike’s vision on intent-driven wearables

Are you curious about the future of computing and how it will change the way we interact with technology? Do you want to learn more about the latest innovations and trends in the field of wearables and head-mounted devices? If so, you might want to check out my article on MetaMike.

Also available at archive.today (#6tDYV)
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Mike’s new podcast show: Techpot

I’m thrilled to announce Techpot!

Techpot is a new podcast show that’ll bring you weekly technology updates:

  • every Tuesday a fresh episode online
  • always under 10 minutes long (or short)
  • in mobile video format on YouTube

In each episode, we cover Microsoft and (Open)AI news alongside other updates about big tech companies and emerging technologies. Check out the first episode:

Also available at archive.today (#XzOvv)
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Mike on the AI war between Google vs. Microsoft

In our latest podcast episode, my co-host Ronald and I delve deep into what’s been labeled the “Great AI War,” a titanic struggle for dominance in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence. This conflict pits tech giants against each other, with Google and Microsoft at the forefront, engaged in a fierce battle that has significant implications for the future of technology.

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The AI tipping point

Publicatie op Computable.nl: “Digitale Renaissance of Revolutie?”

Voor Computable besprak ik in mijn artikel ‘Mens en Machine: Digitale Renaissance of revolutie?’ hoe mensen omgaan met technologische innovaties. Er heerst bezorgdheid over de toekomst van technologie en de mogelijke technologische singulariteit, waarbij kunstmatige intelligentie zichzelf zal blijven verbeteren tot op het punt waarop wij als mensen dit niet meer kunnen bevatten. Maar hoe […]