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Dear friends, family, (former) coworkers and loyal readers,

I hope this message finds you well, because I desire to share some thoughts and updates about my journey with you, my valued audience.

A Pause for Transition

You might have noticed a pause in my regular postings on my digital home here, and I’d like to explain the reasons behind this temporary break.

In the ever-evolving landscape of life and work, I found myself at a crossroads. My professional life took a significant turn as Winvision, a place I had called my professional home for over 15 years, merged with Previder, its sister company under the Odin Groep. This transformative period demanded my focus and energy as I played a role in the advisory processes during this transition.

Navigating Change and Exploring New Grounds

The merger brought about not only a change in my work environment but also a shift in my responsibilities, colleagues, and the dynamics of my professional circle. Adapting to this new chapter was both challenging and exhilarating, offering me fresh perspectives and opportunities.

Furthermore, my personal life blossomed with a family adventure to Arizona, where we reconnected with loved ones and created cherished memories against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes.

Amidst these changes and transitions, my creative journey on my postings and podcasts took a brief pause. But I want you to know that this pause was not a standstill—it was a pause filled with reflection, inspiration, and aspirations for the future.

Towards a Brighter Future: a Journey of Resilience

As I look ahead, I’m excited to announce that we’re about to embark on a new phase of exploration. While my primary focus has been on the metaverse, I’m expanding my horizons to delve into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence (which I still passionately believe is a precondition for a metaverse) and other emerging technologies.

My mission is to take you on a journey of exploration and innovation, to share insights into the ever-changing world of technology, and to foster a sense of curiosity and connection.

While my path may have taken unexpected turns, I’m committed to walking it with resilience, optimism, and a profound appreciation for the journey itself.

Thank you for being a part of my digital home. Together, we’ll embrace the future with open arms, and I can’t wait to share this exciting journey with you.

Warmest regards,


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