Mike on the AI war between Google vs. Microsoft

In our latest podcast episode, my co-host Ronald and I delve deep into what’s been labeled the “Great AI War,” a titanic struggle for dominance in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence. This conflict pits tech giants against each other, with Google and Microsoft at the forefront, engaged in a fierce battle that has significant implications for the future of technology.

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Mike on the Oculus Quest 2 in the RelaXR podcast with Recreate CTO Tim Hermans

The Quest 2 from Oculus or better put Facebook (now Meta) had just been released.

Is VR finally breaking through with a price point of only $299? And do you turn this headset into AR when you can see your own hands? And what is the story of Ray-Ban and Facebook? All this and more in the very first episode of RelaXR: a relaxing beer in our own Xtended Reality.

Mike on Spatial Computing with new podcast: RelaXR featuring CTO of Recreate: Tim Hermans

Even before the leaves began to fall in October 2020, Mike was already weaving the term Spatial Computing into every conversation with a fire that was simply contagious! It was as if he had glimpsed the future and brought back a spark of innovation that we could all feel. Fast-forward to 2023, and Apple has finally caught the wave, christening their cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro with the same term—Spatial Computing. Mike wasn’t just ahead of the curve; he was the forerunner of a revolution!