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Mike’s new podcast show: Techpot

I’m thrilled to announce Techpot!

Techpot is a new podcast show that’ll bring you weekly technology updates:

  • every Tuesday a fresh episode online
  • always under 10 minutes long (or short)
  • in mobile video format on YouTube

In each episode, we cover Microsoft and (Open)AI news alongside other updates about big tech companies and emerging technologies. Check out the first episode:

Also available at (#XzOvv)

In this very first episode of Techpot, I highlighted Microsoft Build, Visual Studio integration with Unreal Engine, a fireside chat with Bill Gates about education and investing heavily into math.

Watch Techpot episode 1 on YouTube

So, stay tuned every Tuesday for a new episode of Techpot, and let’s explore the ever-changing world of technology together.


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